Liam McNamara of Project Alfred: Streamlining accounting for small businesses

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October 12, 2021

Liam McNamara runs an accounting firm called Project Alfred specialising in small business.

They provide bookkeeping, tech and reporting solutions, business advisory services as well as compliance such as preparation of accounts, lodgement of tax returns and BAS. Their specialty and biggest interest is providing a full outsourced finance function for their clients where they can manage supplier invoices, pay creditors, run payroll and reconcile accounts.

Why did you decide to start your business?

My co-founder Amy Geue and I have been working in the accounting industry for a combined 23 years and believe that small businesses could be better serviced by accountants.

We concentrate on what we do best by focusing on growing a business through the implementation of the right technology allowing the business owner to save time and receive valuable insights on the business. Once we have timely and accurate information to provide to business owners, we can then analyse this with them and help improve their financial knowledge to empower them to confidently make better business decisions.

Our overarching goal is to be the first person a business calls when they need help with something. We may not have the answer to a specific question but we will be able to recommend a specialist in our network to assist with the issue.

What's the most rewarding part of running Project Alfred?

The most rewarding aspect of running Project Alfred is being able to make our decisions on the direction of our business, and seeing the impact those decisions make on our clients.

We have been able to implement a bunch of new technologies across a lot of our clients that wouldn’t have been possible before. These solutions have had a huge impact on our clients by giving them back time to spend on their own business and in turn, grow.

What does a better future for business finance look like?
Having more streamlined technology systems to save business owners time with things they are not interested in (bank reconciliations, following up invoices, preparing invoices etc).

If any business owners would like to discuss their financial situation we would be happy to speak with you. To check our more about how we can assist, visit our website and you can book in a free discovery through the website.

Thanks so much Liam! 

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