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Instant access | smarter tools | better money


We’re building a fairer and more transparent fully-digital solution that will make it easier for people to run, manage and grow businesses in the new economy.

Simple, clear and secure

Parpera will use smart technologies to set you up with the tools and insights you need, quickly, while keeping your money and data safe - no more branch visits!

Fast, simple and secure mobile sign-up

Access to a secure wallet and card in minutes

Pro-active income and expense insights

Know what you earn and spend, in real-time

Intelligent tax, receipt capture and reporting tools

Save time on bookkeeping and day-to-day accounting

Pay and get paid, quickly

Parpera is re-thinking the way you pay and get paid to give you more control over your money - no one wants to wait 2 weeks for a new card or 3 days to get paid!

Instant card issuance

Virtual and physical and in-app card controls

Receive money faster

Issue and track invoices in-app, get paid faster

Maintain a positive cash flow

Manage payments, control costs, access funding

Be rewarded for growth

Parpera will offer products and services that help you build a better business and earn rewards while doing so - businesses don’t want another boring bank account!

Personalised and easy to access support

Get the help and answers you need, when you need it

Partner integrations, products and services

Products and services to help you build a better business

Partner rewards and benefits

Exclusive rewards and benefits for Parpera members

Help design the future of money for businesses and gain early access

We want to co-create the future of money for businesses with you.
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