10 Australian Former Athletes Who Have Started Successful Small Businesses

In the land Down Under, where sports culture runs deep, a number of former athletes are making a mark far beyond the playing fields. They're swapping their sports gear for the business suit, channeling the discipline, determination, and competitive spirit that propelled them to athletic success into thriving entrepreneurial ventures. Here's a spotlight on 10 Australian former athletes who've seamlessly transitioned into the world of small business.

John Eales - Eales Leather

The legendary Wallabies captain, John Eales, has taken his leadership from the rugby field to the boardroom with Eales Leather. Specializing in premium leather goods, Eales' commitment to quality is a testament to his excellence-driven ethos.

Anna Meares - Anna Meares Brand

From pedaling to podiums, Australia's most decorated cyclist, Anna Meares, now rides through the entrepreneurial world with her cycling apparel and accessories brand, catering to both pros and passionate cyclists alike.

Geoff Huegill - Huegill Swimwear

Diving into the fashion industry, Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill's swimwear brand combines style with the fitness-conscious essence of a seasoned athlete, making waves in and out of the pool.

John Aloisi - XFC Gym

John Aloisi, a name synonymous with Australian soccer, co-founded XFC Gym, a fitness venture that's as much about community wellness as it is about individual health and fitness goals.

Shane Heal - Heal Sports Group

Basketball great Shane Heal's sports management and talent representation agency is a slam dunk for athletes navigating their professional journeys, proving his game intelligence extends off the court.

Mick Doohan - Mick Doohan's Legend Series

Revving up the motorcycle event scene, Mick Doohan's Legend Series is a dream come true for biking enthusiasts, orchestrated by the five-time MotoGP World Champion himself.

Libby Trickett - Auric

Libby Trickett, an Olympic swimming icon, dives deeper into the wellness industry with Auric, offering premium health supplements to support a holistic approach to well-being.

James Tomkins - Thomas Jewellers

James Tomkins, an Olympic rower, showcases his precision and craftsmanship in the jewelry business with Thomas Jewellers, proving that attention to detail transcends sport.

Darren Lockyer - Legacy Sports Group

Rugby League legend Darren Lockyer tackles the sports management world with Legacy Sports Group, providing top-notch representation and sports-related services.

Layne Beachley - Aim for the Stars Foundation

Layne Beachley rides a new wave of empowerment with the Aim for the Stars Foundation, supporting young women in achieving their dreams across sports, education, and entrepreneurship.

These remarkable individuals exemplify how the qualities that make a great athlete—passion, perseverance, and a winning mindset—are the very same traits that fuel successful entrepreneurship. They're not just champions in their sports; they're also leading the race in the business world, inspiring a new generation to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with the same fervor they brought to their athletic careers.

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February 21, 2024
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