5 Australian Finfluencers Shaking Up Financial Education Online

In recent years, the world of personal finance has witnessed a significant shift as more and more individuals seek to take control of their financial futures. 

Within this movement, a group of inspiring Australian women have emerged as influential voices in the world of finance. 

These "Finfluencers" are empowering women to take charge of their finances, offering valuable insights, tips, and advice through various social media platforms.

In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the prominent Australian Finfluencers who are making a difference in the financial lives of their followers.

She's on the Money @shesonthemoneyaus

200K IG followers

Victoria Devine, the founder of She's on the Money, is on a mission to make personal finance relatable and accessible to all. Her podcast and social media content offer practical advice on budgeting, investing, and achieving financial independence. Connect with She's on the Money on Instagram and tune in to the podcast for valuable insights.

Invest with Queenie @investwithqueenie

157K IG followers

Queenie Le, the founder of Invest with Queenie, is on a mission to make investing simple and approachable. Her Instagram account offers investment tips, portfolio insights, and financial education to empower women to invest with confidence.

Tash Invests @tashinvests

88K IG followers

Natasha Etschmann, the woman behind Tash Invests, is passionate about helping millennials navigate the world of investing. Her Instagram account provides tips, investment strategies, and insights into building wealth for the long term.

Ladies Finance Club @ladiesfinanceclub

41K IG followers

Founder Molly Benjamin created Ladies Finance Club as a safe space for women to discuss money matters openly. This community hosts events, workshops, and webinars and shares valuable financial content on Instagram. Join the club and connect with like-minded women on their journey to financial empowerment.

Girls That Invest @girlsthatinvest

274K IG followers

Girls That Invest is an empowering community of women dedicated to breaking down barriers in the world of finance. Founded by Simran Kaur (okay, she’s Kiwi - but let’s not use that as a reason not to claim her as an honourary Aussie as we did Russell Crowe), this Instagram account provides educational content on investing, financial literacy, and wealth-building strategies. She also has a book of the same name out.

Final Thoughts

These four Australians (and one Kiwi) are making significant strides in promoting financial literacy and independence among women. 

Their dedication to empowering individuals through education, practical advice, and relatable content has transformed the way many approach their finances.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and you should seek out independent financial, legal, and taxation advice from a professional before making any capital allocation decisions. 

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Published on the
January 23, 2024
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