6 Small Business Time Management Hacks 🕰️

Launching your own small business can earn you the freedom you’ve long dreamed of. 

But more often than not, small business owners can find themselves working twice as long as they would in a cushy corporate gig for half the pay. 

That’s not why you got into this, is it?!

The following six time hacks give you more time to grow your business, and reduces time on administration, giving you more time to live your best life. 

Reclaim tens of hours a week with these battle-tested techniques and spend that time on what matters most to you. 

1 Prioritise the Vital 20%

The Pareto principle states that 20% of customers/products/tasks generate 80%+ of outcomes. 

To elevate efficiency:

➡️ Audit weekly activities

➡️ Eliminate or scale back on low-value customers and tasks

➡️ Focus where your strengths, revenue, and purpose intersect

2 Sever Ties With Time Thieves

Curb productivity-sapping offenders like:

✂️ Default hour-long meetings that are better handled asynchronously

✂️ Consensus-seeking meetings for every inconsequential decision

✂️ Open floorplan chatter and digital notifications breaking you out of the flow state all…day…long

Limit real-time alignment to mission-critical conversations. And silence the productivity-killing “ding!”

3 Automate Manual Tasks 

Mundane monthly reconciling and reporting need not devour your days. 

Parpera integrates everything finance so you can automate manually intensive processes in seconds, not hours.

Invoice, pay bills, collect client payments, and monitor cash flow via one intuitive mobile dashboard. 

Build a business, not spreadsheets.

Other tools like Zapier, AirTable, and of course, ChatGPT, among others, can take tasks that would otherwise take hours, and help you do them in a fraction of the time.

4 Outsource, Outsource, Outsource 

You likely aren’t paid for vital tasks such as scheduling social media posts, CRM data entry, or writing outbound sales emails. 

Delegate these tasks to more than capable offshore talent.

Virtual assistants can take on process-oriented and administrative work at reasonable rates of about $10 to $15 per hour. Outsourcing menial tasks enables you and your team to focus on what you do best.

5 Test, Measure, Validate - Or Pull The Plug

Launch time-bound experiments instead of going all-in on unproven ideas to get a better feel for ROI on gambles before over-investing. 

Fearlessly cut whatever the market doesn’t respond to.

Fail fast, fail forward.

6 Get Your Head Down Without Interruption

Ever start work feeling inspired only to have a tap on your shoulder kill momentum for 20 minutes? Guard creative bursts actively:

🙅‍♂️ Defend calendars zealously -  block out chunks of hours if you have to

🎧Snooze digital notifications 

📅 Revisit the purpose of your activities weekly

If you do these six things effectively, you’ll find yourself not only spending most of your time on work that matters, but having a lot more fun doing so.

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January 19, 2024
Small businesses

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