6 Ways to Outcompete Offshore Freelancers - Without Charging Less

Global connectivity can bring both blessings and curses; you can deliver your services to clients all over the world, but so can everyone else, including freelancers from developing economies who can get by on a fraction of what you can.

Slashing rates might seem the logical counter-offensive. But that’s not a sustainable strategy, and it’s likely to leave you burnt out, taking on way too much work just to make ends meet, and ultimately hating what you do and giving up.

But as an Australian freelancer, you have a few aces up your sleeve that offshore talent often don’t. ♠️

Deploy these six clever tactics to compete on value over price so you continue winning business without forfeiting income or your  drive. 

1 Become a Trusted Advisor

Flip the script by asking targeted questions uncovering root problems, then providing custom solutions. Don’t assume you grasp the full picture, and don’t blindly agree to do whatever a client proposes. 

Challenge them. Ask questions. Show initiative. Be an adviser, not just a blind doer. This will help to earn you the trust of clients who are put off by offshore talent who often amount to yes men and yes women who don’t ever push back. 

🔍 Probe on budget, priorities, and past provider struggles

🎯 Tailor-make solutions

Position your adaptability as an antidote to one-size-fits-none proposals missing the mark.

2 Flaunt the Benefits of Localisation

📍 Location provides perks beyond proximity

🚘 Easier meetings, aligned timezones, and face-to-face communication

Play up positioning to quash perceived risk around responsiveness, communication lag or unfamiliarity with Australian cultural quirks.

🤝 Assure seamless collaboration despite distance

📞 Questions at 9 p.m.? Just speed dial your mobile!

3 Talk Up Your Tools

Beyond bespoke solutions and insight into Australian nuances, showcase additional strengths justifying your price point.

🏆Specialised credentials and advanced capabilities

⚙️Use datasets, tools and software 

🗂️ Demonstrate trusted bench depth 

Buyers pay premiums for pros with battle-tested capacities solving problems the first time — not after several attempts and never-ending rework.

4 Reframe Value Perceptions

However irrational, many equate higher fees to higher quality. 

“I understand sticker shock creates hesitation initially...but paying twice as much guarantees triple the quality and far fewer headaches. The cost of re-work and fixing lousy work usually means delays your business can’t afford. We’ll do things right and do them well, the first time.”

5 Guarantee Satisfaction

😬 Even if sold on your value, buyers may still balk at shelling out more without assurance. 

Alleviate reservations by guaranteeing success:

💯 Offer 100% money-back guarantees

🔄 Provide free trial periods

✅ Build in milestones and incentive-based compensation

Nothing overcomes price wars like social proof from vocal supporters. Spotlight early admirers and feature testimonials on your website and in your sales materials. 

6 Offer Bonuses

“Want a content strategy? No problem. We’ll throw in a website audit and access to our suite of AI content tools for free - valued at $5,000”. 

People love free stuff. Tailor your pitches so that there is a perception of lots of free value that buyers can’t get with offshore talent, and would otherwise have to pay for.

Bottom Line

Without exploring uncharted niche verticals, competing on cost alone makes it difficult to grow your business as you’re competing on razor-thin margins which don’t leave you with much to invest in growth (or yourself). Savvy freelancers compete on value instead.

The above tactics spotlight your points of differentiation, justifying your fees and keeping you from racing to the bottom.

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January 23, 2024
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