How to Obtain Your Director ID

As a founder or director of an Australian company, staying on top of compliance is an endless chore diverting energy from growth. But recent requirements making Director Identification Numbers mandatory for all directors make the list one item longer.

While yet another box to check brings an exasperated sigh at first, Director IDs exist to strengthen business oversight and transparency across the board. And once obtained, they stick with leaders permanently rather than expiring as today’s tedious state-by-state registrations do.

So let’s demystify this new uniform identifier now required nationally for company directors by November 2022. Here’s a quick guide to sail through the Director ID process with minimal fuss.

What is a Director ID?

A Director Identification Number (Director ID) serves as a unique personal identifier assigned once to each director by the Australian Business Registry Service (ABRS).

Regardless of how many directorships an individual holds, the ID remains unchanged across all appointments over time to enable simplified tracking.

Who Needs to Get a Director ID & When?

All directors of Australian incorporated companies must obtain a Director ID within the following timeframes:

👉 Appointed pre-November 2021 → Apply by November 30, 2022

👉 Appointed between November 2021 & April 2022 → Apply within 28 days

👉 Appointed post-April 2022 → Apply prior to appointment

How to Apply for a Director ID

Depending on your situation, you can apply for your Director ID:

🖥️ Online via myGovID

📞 Over the phone through verification prompts

✉️ By paper application with certified ID docs

For most directors, applying digitally through myGovID using your TFN and Australian documents offers the fastest and simplest route. Approvals only take ~5 minutes.

But overseas directors or those without digital documents can also request Director IDs via alternative application methods.

Failure to Obtain a Director ID

Complying with Director ID legislation is mandatory across Australia. All directors in scope must fulfill obligations individually or risk penalties including:

❌ Fines up to $13,200 initially

❌ Civil penalties up to $1.1 million

We hope this quick overview helps demystify the newly required identifiers now essential for all Australian company directors. 

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December 12, 2023
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