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par / pa: / pera / ˈpɪərə / Latin noun, translates to “fair wallet”

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Better money, for businesses. Better money, for everyone.

Parpera is an Australian fintech with aspirations to improve the economic prosperity of people, communities, and societies, globally. We are building an ecosystem of fair and transparent products and services that help people to effectively set up, manage and grow their business in the new economy.

The transition, from the old to new economy, globally, has led to a significant shift in the way we live, work and transact. This brings into question the propositions, practices and legacy business models of incumbents. It necessitates innovative, fairer and transparent products and services to help people to build better businesses, and ultimately live better lives.

Globally, there are ~351m businesses, with ~102m in the Asia Pacific region. In Australia, there are ~2.4m businesses, ~88% (2.1m) of which are micro-sized (0-4 employees) and represent the fastest growing business segment (2.38%, 5-year growth rate).

Unlike those in other developed markets, Australian businesses — particularly sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs — remain underserved by the traditional financial institutions and new entrants have primarily either focused on larger businesses, lending or retail consumers segments.

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Australian competitive landscape; Parpera definitions and analysis (non-exhaustive), June 2020.

Parpera is strongly focused on co-designing its proposition with and building a community of Australian and international businesses, to better understand and serve them.

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Virtual customer discovery and co-design session — Oli interviewing Thomas, one of Parpera’s early signups and community members, to better understand his needs as a tradesman and e-commerce business owner.

We’ve interviewed and surveyed over 500 business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges they face and have identified that Australians specifically want a better solution that makes it easier and faster to:

  • Receive money from their customers
  • Manage cash flows, expenses, tax and other reporting obligations
  • Access support, products and services, personalised to their needs

Having listened to the needs of the Australian business community, we’re developing a digital solution that will initially provide digital wallet, card, payment, and money management capabilities, to help Australian businesses improve the way they do business.

Parpera isn’t a bank and won’t be restricted by legacy business models or technology platforms. We’re re-thinking the way people interact with financial services, and the role they play in the way we do business and live our lives.

We want to contribute to the growing Australian fintech success story and aim to build not only an impactful proposition that delivers real change but also create jobs for people and an environment in which they love to work.

Behind every business is a person. We are equity crowdfunding because we want you to co-create Parpera with us and share in our commercial and financial success.

Help shape the future of money for businesses:

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I’m proud to share with you our vision for Parpera with you, and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress!

Thank you!

Daniel Cannizzaro

Better money, for businesses
Better money, for everyone.

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July 20, 2020

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