Kickstart Your Ride: 3 Essential Tips Before Driving with Uber, Doordash, or Menulog in Australia

Kickstart Your Ride! 3 Essential Tips Before Driving with Uber, Doordash, or Menulog in Australia.

Buckle Up, Future Drivers

There’s a kind of thrill in cruising down the streets, right? Especially when you’re doing it with a purpose – like delivering someone's late-night pizza craving or getting them to their big interview on time. But before you rev up your engine for Uber, Doordash, or Menulog, here are three essential things you need to know. Spoiler Alert: It’s not just about having a good playlist (although, let’s admit, that helps).

1. ABN is required for Uber drivers and couriers 

When it comes to hopping onboard with any of these big names in Australia, your first pit-stop? Getting an ABN, or Australian Business Number. Think of your ABN as your business' ID. It's how the tax peeps know you're you. You might be thinking, “But I’m just an Uber driver or a Menulog delivery star, why do I need an ABN?” Well, since you’re earning money through these platforms, you’re basically running your own little business. And every business in Australia needs an ABN.

Don’t worry: registering for an ABN isn’t as challenging as some of those GPS instructions. Especially when you’ve got a co-pilot like Parpera. Through our platform, you can sign up for your "ABN for Uber drivers”, "ABN Doordash", or "ABN Menulog" for $15,  less than the price of a delivery pizza. 

2. Navigate tax time: Parpera's GPS for Gig Workers

Hitting the road and earning on the go is exhilarating. But come tax time, if you're not prepared, it can feel like you've hit a roadblock. We've all been there, trying to sort through receipts, or worse, realising you're in a pickle because you didn't put money aside for taxes. Luckily, you don't have to go down that bumpy road.

GST and Tax deductible flagging:

Think of this as your own personal financial highlighter. As a gig worker, there are certain expenses that can be tax deductible or have GST implications. With Parpera's GST and tax deductible flagging, you can easily spot and manage these, ensuring no tax advantages are left on the table. 

Tax and GST estimators:

Avoid that end-of-year sticker shock. Get a handy estimate of your tax and GST positions, allowing you to see the financial road ahead clearly. No more sudden swerves or braking hard at unexpected tax bills. Plus, with the added advantage of setting aside money in separate wallets for both tax and GST, you're not just prepared - you're cruising.

The BAS Buddy:

For those in the driving seat of a micro-business, the Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a crucial, regular pit-stop. But why get your hands dirty when you have Parpera? We'll not only prepare your BAS but also lodge it for you, with the expert touch of a registered tax agent. No more puzzling over forms or missing deadlines. Just smooth sailing... or should we say, driving?

3. Clear lanes: keeping business and personal expenses separate

There's a beauty in simplicity. Imagine driving down a road with clear lanes, no traffic jams, and everything flowing smoothly. That's the kind of clarity and ease you want with your finances too, especially when you're juggling personal and business expenses. It's not just about avoiding financial fender-benders; it's about ensuring you reach your goals without any unnecessary detours.

Why separate?

Mixing personal and business expenses is a bit like pouring oil into your coffee – messy, confusing, and leaving a bad taste at tax time. Keeping them separate streamlines your bookkeeping, ensures accuracy in your financial reports, and makes claiming deductions a breeze.

Enter Parpera's digital cards:

Now, here's where the magic happens. With the instant availability of a digital business debit Mastercard on Google Pay or Apple Pay linked to your Parpera business account, you're equipped with a dedicated lane for your business expenses. Whether you're filling up fuel for your delivery rounds or grabbing a coffee in between rides, just tap and go, knowing it's all neatly catalogued under 'business'.

This isn't just about convenience (though, let's face it, that's a huge perk); it's about smart money management. Every tap, every transaction, is a step closer to a clearer financial picture. No more late-night sorting through mixed-up expenses or scratching your head, wondering if that lunch was a business meet or a catch-up with friends.

With a clear separation, you’re not just keeping things tidy; you're setting the stage for growth. Because in business, as in driving, clarity and focus are key. And with Parpera’s digital tools, you've got a front-row seat to smooth financial sailing. Or should we say, cruising? 


Embarking on a journey as an Uber driver, Doordash courier, or Menulog delivery champ is exciting. With every trip, you're not just earning but also connecting, experiencing, and growing. And with these three tips in your back pocket (or glove compartment), you’re set to make this ride one for the books.

So, ready to start? Don’t forget to sort out that ABN first. And remember, whether it's "ABN for über drivers" or "ABN Menulog", Parpera’s got your back (and your front seat too).

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July 27, 2023
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