Scaling Your Consultancy: Insights from Paul Higgins

In a candid chat on "From Little Things," Paul Higgins, a tech consultancy guru, dishes out pearls of wisdom on transforming a consultancy venture from a budding idea to a thriving enterprise. Drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences at Coca-Cola and as an entrepreneur, Paul's journey is a lighthouse for those navigating the choppy waters of consultancy business.

Collecting Wisdom from Experience 🧠

Paul, with his arsenal of knowledge on Salesforce and HubSpot, aims to marry clients' business and personal goals, championing a life that's as rich in fulfillment as it is in success. His narrative, from overcoming health hurdles to jumping the corporate ship for entrepreneurial freedom, is nothing short of motivating. It’s a tale that highlights the essence of being hands-on in sales and the power of leveraging global resources.

Embracing Value-Based Pricing 💰

The dialogue between Paul and host Daniel Cannizzaro sheds light on the initial traps of undervaluing services and the transformative power of value-based pricing. Paul's advice? Walk a mile in your customers' shoes, focus on delivering value, and let price reflect the quality and promise of your service. It's about building trust and ensuring fair play.

Harnessing Global Opportunities 🌍

In today's digital age, the world is your oyster, and Paul Higgins is all for cracking it open. He underscores the importance of an online presence, tapping into offshore markets for virtual assistance, and the strategic delegation of tasks. These moves are not just about scaling; they're about smart scaling — improving productivity while staying true to your core business values.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways 📈

Paul wraps up with a reminder of what matters most: health, family, and keeping a global perspective. His key takeaways for consultants looking to scale are:

  • Test higher prices: Don't short-change your services.
  • Adopt value-based pricing: Compete on value, not just price.
  • Be involved in sales: Especially during the critical early stages.
  • Leverage global resources: For efficiency and scalability.

Paul Higgins' conversation on "From Little Things" isn't just a guide; it's a compass for anyone looking to scale their consultancy in today's fast-paced, globally connected world. It reaffirms that with the right approach, mindset, and tools, scaling a consultancy can lead to not just business success but a balanced, fulfilling life.

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Published on the
February 20, 2024
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