Top 10 Australian Consultants to Follow for Expert Advice

Discover the top 10 Australian consultants offering expert advice in sales, innovation, marketing, and more to elevate your business and professional growth.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving Aussie business scene, staying ahead of the game is crucial. That's where tapping into the wisdom of seasoned consultants can make a world of difference. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the vibrant lanes of Melbourne, Australia boasts a plethora of consultants brimming with insights and strategies to steer you towards success. So, who are these mavens of advice you should be following? Let's dive in!

1. Craig Elias - @craigeelias

Specialty: Sales and Growth

A titan in the realm of sales and entrepreneurship, Craig Elias's strategies for lead generation and business expansion are pure gold. If you're keen to skyrocket your sales, he's your go-to guru.

2. Dr. Amantha Imber - @amantha

Specialty: Innovation and Change Management

Dr. Imber is on a mission to infuse innovation into the DNA of companies. Her insights can transform your team into a powerhouse of creativity and change.

3. Fiona Adler - @fionaadler

Specialty: Marketing and Growth

In the digital marketing jungle, Fiona Adler is the guide you need. Her strategies for customer acquisition and growth hacking are invaluable for any business looking to thrive online.

4. Mark Ritson - @markritson

Specialty: Marketing Strategy

Mark Ritson, a maestro of marketing strategy and brand management, offers essential wisdom for crafting impactful marketing campaigns and solid brand positioning.

5. Helen Blunden - @ActivateLearn

Specialty: Learning and Development

Helen Blunden is your ally in navigating the intersection of technology and education, offering fresh perspectives on workplace learning and digital transformation.

6. Peter Baines OAM - @peter_baines

Specialty: Leadership and Crisis Management

With a background in policing and humanitarian work, Peter Baines brings unique insights into leading through crises and building organizational resilience.

7. Dr. Jane Gunn - @JaneGunn

Specialty: Conflict Resolution and Leadership

Navigate the choppy waters of workplace conflicts with Dr. Jane Gunn's expertise in negotiation, dispute resolution, and leadership development.

8. Dr. Jason Fox - @drjasonfox

Specialty: Motivation and Leadership

Dr. Jason Fox is the wizard of motivation and leadership, helping organizations craft work experiences that truly engage and inspire.

9. Dr. Michael McQueen - @michael_mq

Specialty: Future Trends and Generational Expertise

Stay one step ahead with Dr. McQueen's insights into future trends and generational shifts, preparing your organization for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

10. Janine Garner - @janinemgarner

Specialty: Networking and Collaboration

Master the art of networking and collaboration with Janine Garner's strategies for building meaningful connections and fostering teamwork.

Wrapping Up

Following these ten luminaries in the Australian consultancy scene can unlock doors to unparalleled insights, advice, and strategies, propelling your career or business into the stratosphere. 

Whether your focus is on boosting sales, driving innovation, amping up your marketing game, or honing your leadership skills, these consultants have the expertise to guide your journey to success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Don't miss the chance to learn from the best—tune into their wisdom and let it guide you to achieve your professional and organizational goals. Here's to your success, fuelled by expert advice from Australia's finest consultants!

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Published on the
February 20, 2024

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