Top 10 Skills Needed to Run a Successful Salon

Opening and operating a thriving salon takes more than just developing talent with a comb and scissors. 

To set your hair or beauty business up for prosperity, cultivate these 10 essential skills:

Customer Service – Provide exceptional service by hiring staffers focused on attentive care, prompt assistance and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Business Administration – Understand key financials and operations like bookkeeping, inventory controls, HR compliance and data tracking to optimise performance.

Marketing – Promote your salon and talent effectively online and offline, leveraging social media, retention programs, local media and partnerships.

Leadership – Inspire, manage and develop a cohesive team who are committed to excellence, and delivering on the salon’s brand promise.

Time Management – Use online scheduling tools, and policies promoting punctual appointments with clients, to maximise productivity.

Personal Sales – Drive retail growth through best practices around suggestive selling, product knowledge and service customisation without aggressive tactics.

Strategic Pricing – Price services competitively, while maximising profit margins and promoting loyalty with discount programs or referral reward campaigns.

Trend Spotting – Stay on top of emerging styles, techniques and beauty products to offer clients the latest, hottest services using cutting edge tools and technology.

Problem Solving – Address client concerns artfully, avoid potential safety or quality issues proactively and juggle the inevitable challenges of daily salon operations smoothly.

Self-Care – Set healthy boundaries and practice good self-care, even during extremely busy seasons, to avoid burnout and nurture your own wellbeing as a small business owner.

Cultivating this diverse set of skills alongside continually improving your technical craft will set you up to not just open, but grow and manage a standout salon for years to come. 

Play to your strengths while enlisting staff, mentors and partners to fill experience gaps.

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Published on the
January 23, 2024
Small businesses

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