Top 10 Australian Salon Owners to Follow Online

Discover the top 10 Australian salon owners to follow online for the latest in beauty trends, expert advice, and hairstyling inspiration straight from the industry's best.

Australia's beauty and wellness industry is buzzing with talent, creativity, and innovation. Leading this vibrant scene are salon owners who not only provide exceptional services but also shape the future of beauty trends across the country and beyond. If you're keen on diving into the world of beauty, seeking professional growth, or just love keeping up with the latest trends, here are the top 10 Australian salon owners to follow online:

1. Dmitri Papas (@dmitripapas)

Dmitri Papas, co-owner of Brisbane's award-winning Papas and Pace salon, is a must-follow for anyone in need of hairstyling inspiration. His Instagram is a showcase of creativity and expertise, making him a pillar in the hairdressing community.

2. Marie Uva (@marieuva)

Marie Uva, co-owner of the famed Uva Salon in Melbourne, lights up Instagram with her fashion-forward hairstyles and a peek behind the curtains of her salon's creative process. Her feed is a visual delight for fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts alike.

3. Barney Martin (@barnettmartin)

Founder of Barney Martin Hair in Sydney, Barney Martin stands out for his commitment to sustainable salon practices. His social media reflects a keen eye for style blended with environmental consciousness.

4. Natalie Anne (@natalieannehair)

Sydney's own celebrity hairstylist, Natalie Anne, is the power behind the Natalie Anne salon. Her Instagram is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for glamorous hair inspiration and insights into celebrity styling.

5. Jocelyn Petroni (@jocelynpetroni)

Jocelyn Petroni, owner of the eponymous salon in Sydney, specializes in skincare and nail care. Her Instagram is packed with beauty tips, skincare routines, and wellness advice, making it a go-to for beauty aficionados.

6. Joey Scandizzo (@joeyscandizzo)

Joey Scandizzo, co-owner of Joey Scandizzo Salon in Melbourne and a celebrated Australian Hairdresser of the Year, shares his hair industry expertise and educational endeavors on Instagram, inspiring both clients and fellow professionals.

7. Edwards And Co. (@_edwardsandco)

Jaye Edwards' salon chain, Edwards And Co., with locations across Australia, is known for its commitment to sustainable and inclusive beauty practices. Their Instagram highlights the salon's innovative approaches to beauty.

8. Brad Ngata (@bradngatahairdirection)

Brad Ngata, the talent behind Brad Ngata Hair Direction in Sydney, uses Instagram to showcase his creative hairstyling process and stunning transformations, making him a standout figure in the hairstyling world.

9. Brow Bar (@thebrowbarau)

Chernae Silk's Brow Bar is a leader in eyebrow shaping and beauty treatments. Their Instagram is full of insights into brow care, setting trends in the beauty industry.

10. Miss Bliss Hair Boutique (@missblisshairboutique)

Amanda Tua's Miss Bliss Hair Boutique is at the forefront of hair coloring techniques and trends. Her Instagram mixes salon masterpieces with haircare tips, offering a well-rounded view of modern hairstyling.


These industry leaders are not just salon owners; they are innovators, educators, and trendsetters in the Australian beauty scene. By following them, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and the latest beauty trends. Whether you're in the industry or simply a beauty enthusiast, these top Australian salon owners are your gateway to the heart of Australia's beauty and wellness culture.

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Published on the
February 20, 2024

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