New Business Sign Up Offer Terms

Updated as of 15 March 2024

This New Business Sign Up Offer  (Offer) applies only where both:

  • You have successfully registered a new ABN (New Business) via Parpera’s ABN Application Service or one of its ABN registration partners (Aligned Service Providers) and have set up a business account on the Parpera App for that new business where the information provided with the Invite Code, “NEWBIZABNP” (Invite Code), or in connection with its use, includes a link to these terms; and
  • You accept this Offer by entering the Invite Code correctly in the “Do you have an invite code?” screen of your mobile application membership application made between 18 March and 28 June 2024 (note: the Invite Code must be entered at the time of application for a business account for your New Business and cannot be used for prior applications).

We will make a bonus payment of $50 to the Wise Business Account issued via your Parpera App (Account) if you satisfy all of the following qualifying conditions:

  • You are eligible to be and are accepted as a Parpera member;
  • You registered your New Business via the Parpera ABN Application Service or an Aligned Service Provider
  • You successfully opened and funded your Wise Business Account by no later than 28 June 2024.

It may take up to 2 business days for the new business sign up bonus payment (Bonus) to be made to your Account. A Bonus will not be paid if the relevant Account has been closed at the time when we seek to make the payment.

This Offer and the Invite Code cannot be used with any other coupon, discount, offer or promotion.

We adopt a fair play approach to prevent people who may try to game the system, so the following fair play conditions also apply to the Offer.

We retain the right to refuse to pay or cancel a Bonus payment without notice to you if:

  • We reasonably believe that your Parpera App access is or may be fraudulent
  • We reasonably believe that you have threatened or circumvented the security of the Parpera App
  • We reasonably believe that you have breached any of our Terms & Conditions
  • We reasonably believe that you are acting in bad faith
  • We have locked or closed your account
  • Your account contains unpaid charges

We retain the right to stop further applicants from accepting the Offer at any time if the rate at which applicants accept this Offer is greater than we expected.

This Offer is from Parpera Australia Pty Ltd ACN 47 641 580 743 (Parpera, We, Us).

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