Freelancer Debit Card: Get One Online Quickly and Easily

As a freelancer or sole trader, you may have encountered a few problems when trying to get a freelancer debit card:

  • Most banks will take several days or weeks to send through a business debit card
  • Many charge high fees for international transactions
  • Most don't offer virtual cards for online purchases

In this article we’re going to show you how to get a business debit card in Australia that meets your needs as a freelancer. We’ll cover:

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Which business freelancer debit card should you pick? Parpera vs the big four banks

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Looking to get a business debit card in the next week? Sign up to Parpera and you’ll receive your card within 3 - 7 business days.

How to get a business debit card through Parpera

Parpera is a one-stop financial management platform in an easy-to-use app designed for sole traders, freelancers, and small businesses in Australia.

To get a business debit card through Parpera, you only need your phone, your ABN, and one form of ID, like a passport or drivers licence. (If you don’t have an ABN yet, you can get one through the Parpera app during the sign-up process or through our website.)

After you download the app, it’s a quick 4-step sign up.  

  1. Sign up and verify your phone number
  2. Set up your business profile
  3. Set up your personal profile
  4. Access your account (and your virtual business debit card)

When you become a Parpera member, you’ll have instant access to a complete money management tool, including a business account provided by Wise and a business debit card provided by Mastercard®.

From day one of your Parpera membership, you can use your virtual business debit card and see your card details and PIN. You can even add your Parpera Business Debit Mastercard® to Google Pay and Apple Pay on the same day you access your account.

That’s how you can get a business debit card in minutes through Parpera.

parpera business debit card
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Parpera and your business debit card features

Here are the features you receive when you get a business debit card through the Parpera mobile app:

  • Business Debit Mastercard®.
  • Fee-free international card payments (with a favourable exchange rate)
  • Online and in-store transactions. 
  • Tap-and-go for transactions under $200
  • Parpera support with in-app chat or via email or phone. 
  • Personalisation with your logo (coming soon).
  • In-app card controls such as:
  1. Lock and unlock your debit card.
  2. View your card details and your PIN.

What are the benefits of getting a business debit card through Parpera?

Parpera’s Business Debit Mastercard® is specifically designed for the self-employed.

At Parpera, we’ve interviewed over 2,000 freelancers, sole traders, and small business owners to create a complete money management tool based on your unique needs. This means you’ll receive services that you can use daily at a fair and transparent monthly or yearly rate.

Here are some of the main features:

Get up and running with a dedicated business account in minutes

Your debit card connects to your Wise digital business account provided through Parpera.

You’ll have unlimited real-time bank transfers, no hidden fees, no processing fees and no opening deposit requirement. Transfer money to your personal bank account or store savings, GST, and tax money in a special digital savings wallet through Parpera.

business debit card and bank account

Tax-deductible, affordable fee

Parpera is Latin for "fair wallet" and reflects our values. We're upfront about our cost and commit to the utmost transparency. With Parpera you'll have:

  • No hidden costs.
  • Multiple package option:
  1. Run: $15 per month
  2. Pro: $35 per month
  • Tax deductible fee.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Cancel any time with a click, no questions asked.

Offset your costs with fee-free international payments

With Parpera, you can make fee-free international payments with your business debit card to help offset the costs of multiple online subscription services, which are often set in foreign currencies, like USD or GBP. You’ll even save when you pay occasional Fiverr and Upwork collaborations if they’re based overseas.

Pay with peace of mind

Having a virtual business debit card means you can decide the best payment method, whether it’s tap-and-go at an Officeworks store or renewing an online service from your phone when you're on the go.

And let’s face it—whether you’re working from home, travelling, or collaborating with a client in person, it’s more handy to reach for your phone with your virtual card to pay a business expense, than to pull out your physical card.

Get cash flow insights in a click and spend better (coming soon!)

With Parpera’s in-app cash flow insights, you can understand your business income vs expenditures at a glance. You’ll have the tool you need to stick to your budget and make better spending decisions before you buy.

Control your invoicing, bookkeeping, and accounting all in one place

Because your card is just one feature in an all-in-one money management tool, you can be in complete control of your financial management with Parpera. When you become a Parpera member, you’ll receive:

  • In-app invoicing with professionally designed invoices optimised for faster payments. 
  • Invoice payment reminders to help you get paid on time.
  • Automatic payment-to-invoice matching for easier bookkeeping.
  • Expense receipt capture, categorisation, and storage so you can throw away your paper receipts.
  • Integration with Xero accounting for complete financial-obligations control. 
  • Downloadable transaction reports you can send to yourself directly from the app. 
  • Coming soon: late invoice payment reminders and business analytics/insights. 
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Receive the support you deserve

Just because you’re a one-person business doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. When you become a Parpera member, you’ll receive the support you need whenever you need it.

  • Customer support via email, phone, or in-app chat.
  • Webinars and events designed to help you run and grow your business. Past Parpera events include Digital tools for small businesses, Budgeting, and Marketing during a pandemic. 
  • Free access to resources like our blog and a free ebook on how to set up, run, and grow your business.
  • Perks and rewards, like discounts with Parpera partners to help you run your business and save money.

We understand Parpera may not be for everyone. It’s always a good idea to compare your options before you decide which business freelancer debit card is right for you and your needs. Here’s a brief comparison on how to get business debit cards with the big four Australian banks.  

How to get a business debit card with the big four Australian banks

For all four banks, you’ll first need to open a business bank account before you can request a business debit card. For more information on how to open a business account, read our in-depth article on how to open a freelancer account.

If you already have a business bank account with one of the big four

If you already have a business bank account, then requesting a business debit card is straightforward. Just request your debit card through your online banking payment platform. You’ll receive your credit card in the mail within 3 to 10 business days, depending on the bank.

If you already have a personal bank account with one of the big four

You’ll still need to open a business account first, even if you already have a personal account with one of the big four. Most times, you can apply online for a business account in the same bank where you have your personal account because you’re already the bank’s customer.

However, each bank has its own procedure, so time frames will vary and some banks may require more information from you before you can open a business account and do ATM withdrawals.

Once you open a business account, you can request your business Visa debit card online.

If you don’t have an account with one of the big four

You can either start an application online or via an in-branch visit to open a business bank account with one of the big four. Take into consideration you may need to wait up to 2 to 3 weeks before you can have both a business bank account activated that can do money transfers and a physical business debit card in your hands.

Take control of your business spend with a business debit card

We hope this article on how to get a business debit card has provided you with the information you need to make the best choice for you and your business.

After all, you started your own business to be in control of your life and career. So being in control of your business spend with a dedicated business debit card will help you manage and grow your business with confidence.

Download Parpera now to get a dedicated Business Debit Mastercard®. Sign up in under 10 minutes.

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March 31, 2022

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