Wave Alternative In Australia: Parpera

In 2021, Wave cut off Australian users from local bank account connections and Stripe payments on Wave invoices. 

Whether you’re an existing Wave client or a freelancer who’s looking for similar accounting providers, you may be looking for an alternative that’s:

  • Easy to use for your sole trader admin, without spending hours watching tutorials to learn set-up or basic operations.
  • Quick, so you can take care of your accounting in a few minutes.
  • Made for Australian businesses, so you have automatically compliant accounting and invoicing, without risking country service changes in the future.

In this article, we’ll cover: 

Note: Create invoices in seconds on your phone with our all-in-one money management app. Get a 30-day free trial. Download Parpera now.

What happened to the Wave App?

Wave has been slowly moving its focus toward Canadian and American customers for the past few years. 

In 2020, the company stopped allowing new accounts and customer support for existing users outside of North America – the market where Wave decided to concentrate its business. 

In 2021, existing users could no longer connect Australian bank accounts to Wave or use Stripe online payment on client invoices. 

We know how much you loved Wave and you’ve held out as long as possible, so we’ve put together a comparison with an alternative: Parpera. 

The Wave accounting alternative in Australia right for you

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Why switch to Parpera? The pros

Parpera is an easy-to-use accounting app that makes your invoicing, expenses, tax prep, and business accounts easier to manage on your smartphone in just a few clicks. 

Here are the advantages of switching to Parpera for all of your sole trader business needs…

Founded in Australia for Australian businesses: We’re here to stay

Parpera is an accounting app specifically designed for Australian sole traders and small businesses tired of struggling with overly complicated online accounting software designed for other countries. 

Parpera App

Here’s why Parpera is your alternative to Wave in Australia:

  • Time-saving set-up. You won’t have to fiddle with settings designed for US or UK businesses. We designed Parpera for your Australian business, which means you’ll be able to set up your account in the Parpera App in 10 minutes, with no additional tweaks.
  • Easy-to-use Australian tax compliance. We designed our invoices to be compliant specifically in Australia. When you’re ready to add Goods and Sales Tax (GST) to your invoices, just click a box on each invoice and it’s done. You can also use our easy tax-saver and GST sub-accounts (coming soon) to make sure you’ve got enough money to pay your PAYG and BAS instalments.
  • Australian business account included. You’ll never need to connect to a separate business account in-app because Parpera includes a Wise business account.

Australian tax-compliant invoicing and accounting on your phone

You can stop relying on your computer for all your admin work or editing your invoices to match Australian regulations. 

With Parpera, you can get your accounting done quickly and correctly wherever you are on your phone:

  • Quick tax-compliant invoices. Instead of the constant manual adjustments non-Australian invoicing software requires, you can create compliant, professional invoices designed for fast payment in seconds. Our CRM also remembers your client details, so you don’t need to click around and copy-paste client details anymore. Not only that, but the invoices are designed to help you get paid faster. They are designed professionally, with your business account details visible on the top right corner. You’ll also soon be able to add a “Pay Now” button so your clients can pay you with just a click

sole trader invoicing parpera
invoice example parpera

  • Immediate client payment alerts. Because you get a Wise business account through Parpera, the Parpera App recognises which clients have paid you in real-time. We automate your payment-to-invoice matching (automatic reconciliation) and send you alerts when payments arrive, so you don’t waste your energy wondering when you’ll receive your money.

paid and unpaid invoice tab parpera

  • Organise your expenses in a few clicks. Lower your tax bill with tax-deductible business purchases, which you can categorise in just a few clicks. Parpera will remember the next time you buy from the same merchant for speedy expense organisation. Check how many deductions you already have in seconds for additional peace of mind.

business expense categories parpera
  • Easy financial reports. Create and export your expenses, categories, transactions and more in CVS or Excel files with a click. 
  • Xero integration. If you or your accountant are already using Xero, no worries. Parpera syncs with Xero easily to keep your accounting systems in place.

Fast 10-minute set-up and optimised for quick payments

Parpera enables you to get business admin done in minutes per day without wasting time on long tutorials or complicated instructions. 

And we’ve optimised Parpera for easy, quick payments. Here’s how:

  • Free trial. Get immediate access to your virtual Mastercard® Parpera debit card, our tax estimation tool, and create and send invoices with our 30-day free trial, all from day one. 
  • Optimised for faster payments. Parpera’s functionality as a payment method helps you receive money faster, from the invoice layout (where we highlight your payment details) to the attention-grabbing email subject line. We include a payment link connected to your Wise business account to help clients pay you easily and quickly. 
  • Transparent client payments. Get a unique BSB and account number for fee-free client payments from Australian customers. Coming soon, low-fee international payments for your clients outside Australia.
  • No more complicated tutorials. We designed Parpera to get you going in minutes on your phone. Here are a few ways Parpera helps you speed up your business:
  • Check your cashflow quickly on the dashboard
  • Track and categorise your tax-deductible expenses in a few clicks
  • Create professional invoices in seconds
  • Receive and send payments easily
  • See paid and unpaid client invoices at a glance
  • Add GST to your client invoices in a click
  • Set aside money for your quarterly GST or PAYG payments fast

money in and money out categories parpera

  • Human support when you need it. You’ll never have to deal with frustrating chatbots or self-serve support FAQs with us. You’ll always talk to a human and get your questions answered quickly. Whenever you have a question or need support, start a chat in-app or send an email directly. 

Interested in getting started? Set up your 30 day free trial with Parpera!

Speedy tax prep, tax estimates, and tax payment management

Figuring out how much you’ll owe in tax is time-consuming and stress-inducing. That’s why we’ve designed Parpera to ease you through the tax-return process with tax estimation and saving tools to make sure you’re ready before your quarterly payment deadlines arrive.

  • Easy tax estimates. Give Parpera your best estimate of your business revenue for the year. It’ll calculate your blended tax rate and how much money to set aside when client payments land in your account. The tool will self-adjust your estimate as you include deductible expenses in-app, too. Don’t worry if your estimate is a little off, you can always edit it easily.
  • Tax-saver wallet. When each client payment pops into your account, you can move your estimated tax into a dedicated sub-account in just a few clicks. Your next quarterly PAYG instalment will be ready and waiting when it’s time to pay. And you’ll be able to see your tax-saver wallet balance immediately on your dashboard.
tax saver wallet parpera

  • GST-saver wallet. When you add GST to your client invoices, you’ll soon be able to put it in a special sub-account, so you’ll never get caught out with a big sales tax payment. Coming soon: set aside money in both your tax-saver and GST wallets automatically. 

Your membership includes a business account, debit card, and no additional fees

Parpera is Latin for "fair wallet" and reflects our values. We're upfront about our cost and commit to the utmost transparency. With Parpera you'll have:

  • No hidden costs.
  • Multiple package option:
  1. Run: $15 per month
  2. Pro: $35 per month
  • Tax deductible fee.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Cancel any time with a click, no questions asked.

Your membership fee gives you a complete financial tool that makes running your self-employed business easier. For example, you’ll have:

  • Fee-free business debit cards. Your Wise business account includes a virtual business debit card, for fee-free local and international purchases. You’ll get immediate access to your virtual debit card and your physical one (coming soon) will arrive in 1 to 3 days by priority post.

business debit card parpera

  • Community. Your Parpera membership includes an open door to a tribe of sole traders. Here, you can network via our community forum, enjoy business webinars and events, and receive rewards and perks like special third-party partner discounts.

What are the cons of Parpera?

We know Parpera’s not right for everyone. Here are a few reasons we might not be the right all-in-one financial tool for you:

App only, no desktop

You can manage your self-employed admin quickly and easily on your smartphone with Parpera, but we don’t have a desktop version. We’re working on it, but it’s not available yet. 

However, on Parpera desktop you can connect to your Parpera community forum, watch live webinars and events, and see the latest perks and rewards.

If an app only tool doesn’t fit your business needs right now, we might not be the right solution for you.

No accountant or bookkeeper access

Parpera can help you keep your invoicing and accounting admin in order without wasting any time with cashflow insights, easy tax prep, and effortless expense management, but we don’t do your admin for you

If you’re already using Xero, Parpera syncs easily with your account. But if you need an accountant or registered tax agent, Parpera might not be the best tool for your business.

Choose Parpera as your Wave alternative in Australia

Wave is no longer available, but Australian sole traders have an easier-to-use and faster alternative to manage their accounting, invoicing and payments. 

Use the Parpera App to decrease the time you spend creating and sending invoices, getting paid, and managing your tax prep. Test it out with our 30-day free trial to see how easier your sole trader or freelancer admin will be.

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June 17, 2022

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